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Whether you drink your tea in bags, infuser baskets, or yixing pots, these accessories can help enhance your experience. Keep hot water on hand with our favorite water heater, explore an extra level of precision with a gram scale and tea journal, or just add a little beauty to your tea service with elegant scoops and trivets.
Anxi County in southeastern Fujian Province is renowned for the tieguanyin (or Iron Goddess of Mercy) variety of oolong. Traditional crafting calls for medium oxidation and a heavy roast, while modern styles are lightly oxidized to produce floral notes.
These bagged teas and tisanes come from the same sources as our premium loose leaf varieties, and are carefully selected for easy brewing. Simplify service with these convenient options.
Known as hong cha or "red tea" in China, black teas are fully oxidized, resulting in the rich and warm flavors for which they are known.
Start brewing high quality whole leaves today with these teaware options. Whether you're serving cups to go or teapots at the table, these basic tools will brew the best cup.
Easy solutions for quick service and great flavor. Pre-pack your own tea bags with seasonal selections, or choose from our bagged basics.
Don't drop the ball when it comes to tea. Try these specialty selections to show that your commitment to quality ingredients extends beyond the kitchen.
Across the straits from Fujian Province, Taiwan (or Formosa) is known for light oxidation and high elevation tea gardens, resulting in a green and floral character with a creamy mouth feel and lingering finish.
The gaiwan is an elegant and versatile alternative to a teapot that uses a lid to strain the leaves from the brewed tea. We recommend these vessels for demonstrating the quality of your tea leaves, or simply to brew a variety of different teas.

Literally translated as "tea with effort", Gong Fu Cha is one of the most traditional ways to brew Chinese teas. Whole leaves are brewed in a small teapot, and water is added to the same tea leaves several times. In effect, we think of this like brewing an espresso instead of a large pot of coffee - the process requires a bit more time and focus, but produces a more intense flavor.

By definition, a green tea is a tea leaf that has been roasted promptly and not allowed to oxidize. Because of this minimal processing, time of harvest is probably most critical for green teas, with the best crops coming in early spring.
Naturally non-caffeinated and versatile to brew, these leaves and flowers are not from the Camellia sinensis species, and are not true teas. Still, freshness and quality make a difference in the flavor, and our naturally grown herbs and blends certainly pack a punch.
Tea bags in bulk for simple service. A careful selection of our most popular everyday teas, curated for easy brewing and packed exclusively for Red Blossom Tea Company.

Though not traditional in most parts of the world, we love to cold brew our teas when the weather gets warm. This is an easy process, done by simply adding the tea leaves to cold water and leaving them to steep overnight in the fridge. The resulting flavor is always the sweetest, purest version of the chosen tea, with no heat to draw out bitter tannin acids or distract the palate.

While any tea can be brewed in this manner, we've chosen our favorites to brew iced and pre-packed them into easy to use tea bags. Each large bag will brew one gallon of iced tea.

All of these infusers offer a fine strainer that will contain your tea leaves and allow you to control your brew for the best flavor.
Welcome your guests with great tea.
Sourced directly from small batch producers in China and Taiwan, we select our teas based on variations in leaf variety, provenance, harvest date, and crafting style. These factors combine to create the enormous range of flavors and aromas we offer.
If you're curious about loose leaf teas, or want to introduce someone to the styles you love, we recommend these pre-packed canisters. Two ounces (14 servings) of premium loose leaf tea sealed inside a mylar bag and packed into these double lidded canisters make a perfect way to try something new, for yourself or your tea-loving friends.
Oolong teas are neither green nor black, but somewhere in between, made from tea leaves that have undergone partial enzymatic oxidation. Variety of leaf and style of crafting vary by region, creating a broad range of flavor and aroma profiles.
Phoenix Mountain in northern Guangdong Province produces a unique type of oolong harvested from single groves cultivated to emulate specific fruit or flower fragrances, producing some of the most interesting and complex flavors in the tea world.
Pu-erh teas are fermented and aged, meaning they only get better with age, improving in flavor and thus increasing in value. Rich, earthy, and always smooth, pu-erhs are one of the most complex tea categories.
Some of our most popular teas, packaged in our eye-catching canisters and ready for your retail shelves. A curated selection of loose leaf options, along with bagged teas for hot and cold brewing.
Tea leaves infused with natural scents or blended with herbs and spices have delighted tea drinkers for generations. Captivating and straightforward, these naturally scented teas are easy to drink and pack a punch in both aroma and flavor.
These bagged teas and tisanes come from the same sources as our premium loose leaf varieties, and are carefully selected for their forgiving brews. Packed inside a double lidded canister, these teas make great gifts!
To maximize the shelf life of your teas, we recommend keeping them away from light, air, and moisture. Though it is tempting to show off beautiful tea leaves in glass jars, exposure to light creates oxidation, and causes the tea to lose flavor. Instead, we recommend our double lidded storage canisters to create an airtight seal and keep your teas as fresh as possible.

In traditional Gong Fu Cha style brewing, excess water is used to warm and rinse the teaware, and then discarded. Tea trays are designed to collect this excess water and drain it from the brewing space.

Glass or glazed ceramic teapots are flavor neutral, and perfect for brewing a wide variety of styles.
No matter how you brew your tea, the method can make a world of difference in the flavor. A range of options for any style of service.
Soft and delicate, white teas are crafted from a single variety of the tea plant called Da Bai, or "Big White". Our selection comes from Fuding County, Fujian, the ancestral home of this style.
Wuyi Mountain in northwestern Fujian Province is the birthplace of the oolong tea type, and produces rich, dark, heavily oxidized and roasted oolongs with twisted leaves.